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Wed Mar 27 18:27:47 CET 2019


thanks for putting this idea forward.

> Just as a small start I've made a collection of notes using a
> collaborative editor which I will dump project ideas into. Anyone
> with the link can add notes, please try not to remove any notes that
> are not yours. Its not going to scale, but its better than nothing.
> Its some pretty heavy javascript, but I trust the developers not to
> include any (stupid) external scripts.

A central place to collect ideas is a good idea (I already have my own
list [1] that I'll merge to the cryptpad) as a broader audience can see
what is of interest and can express their own needs and desires. It stands
to reason if more structure is needed long term but we are not their yet


Regarding your initial posting, having bounties would be nice too. Judging
by my (limited) past experience, it is difficult to handle them well
(speaking from on origanizational point of view and from putting a
price-tag on things (if we talk about paid-for work)). That being said,
I think having some means to prioritize “pet-projects” is certainly of
value and at the same time having topics available that might poke the
interest of newcomers (especially along the lines of mentoring new

Regards Josef

Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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