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John J. Karcher devuser at
Wed Mar 27 13:19:00 CET 2019

On 3/26/19 8:34 AM, Emery Hemingway wrote:
> Hello Genodians,
> Is there an interest in organizing a list of small projects and tasks
> that can be prioritized somehow? This would be applications to port or
> new langauges to support, projects that are orthoginal to the Genode
> base system and don't belong in that issue tracker.
> I would like this because I have a number of side projects and I have
> to take a guess at which of them would be useful to more than just me.
> For example, the 9P server was ready in december, but I forgot I was
> using it until the subject came up in IRC last week.
> If this is something we want, what is the right platform? Bountysource,
> Librepay, Reddit, a Git repo, a wiki? Do we really need bounties or
> is social credit enough?

I've been thinking about this for a while, and Joel has mentioned it 
also.  I think it really is time for something like this, especially 
after the release of Sculpt CE.

I'm not really the right person for this, but if no-one else volunteers, 
  I am willing to set up a quick set of pages to track things like this, 
as a temporary, stop-gap measure.

I am thinking of a set of static HTML pages, using client-side 
JavaScript to display info from XML files that contain the actual data. 
I'm not a graphical designer, so the page will be very basic (unless 
someone wants to do a simple design).

(As the community grows beyond a certain size, this model will obviously 
not scale - hopefully someone will step forward to take it to the next 
level before that time.)

Here are the sections I have thought of so far:

- Getting Started : Links for new users to Genode

- News / Announcements : New versions of packages, Genode releases, etc.

- Wish List : Tally of wish list items, tracking number of people 
interested; links to external bounty pages

- Current Projects : Descriptions of projects that people are working 
on, current status, whether they want collaborators, etc.

Unfortunately, using static pages, this will all be pretty lame.  (E.g., 
votes for wish list will have to be submitted by e-mail, without 
back-end code to tally votes.)

Everyone, please let me know your thoughts.  If you think this might be 
useful, I will try to slap something together.

(Give me any ideas for names also.  I was thinking of "Genode Central" 
or "Sculptor's Workshop", but you guys can probably do better.)


   John J. Karcher
   devuser at

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