Community feature requests and bounties

Emery Hemingway ehmry at
Tue Mar 26 13:34:48 CET 2019

Hello Genodians,

Is there an interest in organizing a list of small projects and tasks
that can be prioritized somehow? This would be applications to port or
new langauges to support, projects that are orthoginal to the Genode
base system and don't belong in that issue tracker.

I would like this because I have a number of side projects and I have
to take a guess at which of them would be useful to more than just me.
For example, the 9P server was ready in december, but I forgot I was
using it until the subject came up in IRC last week.

If this is something we want, what is the right platform? Bountysource,
Librepay, Reddit, a Git repo, a wiki? Do we really need bounties or
is social credit enough?

Hope to hear some thoughts,

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