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Mon Mar 25 10:17:14 CET 2019

Hello Joel,

> I like using all sorts of CLI programs on my GNU/Linux machines. How
> far away are we from being able to run simple programs like Mutt and
> Newsboat within a noux instance?

Actually, we already have been at this point for few years now but for
better or worse we did not make it much of a priority to work out all
the remaining kinks. FWIW, there is my [1] branch which contains mutt
but lies dormant for a while now - if you would like to resume the
porting or rather integration effort please get in touch with me,
I'm happy to help.


Most of the time CLI tools just-work™ but sooner or later one stumples
upon short-comings of our libc or terminal backend implementation.

That being said, since there is increasing demand for using known CLI
tools on Genode, we plan to spend more time on making it easier to
port/build the programs by using the SDK. (On this note, we also plan to
consolidate the libc and Noux as the only reason this somewhat artificial
split still exists is because it provides simpler means to implement


Josef Söntgen
Genode Labs ·
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