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Hi Joel,

On 22.03.19 03:24, Joel Desermeau via users wrote:
>   * Will we usually find out about new software via


>   * Can we be emailed or notified of new changes to the Depot?

There is no such service planned from our (Genode Labs) side. Keep in
mind that there is no single place called depot. In contrast to the
predominant models of software delivery like app stores or software
distributions that rely on a central and trusted service provider,
Sculpt is decentralized.

At the one end, there are software providers (aka developers), offering
their software via their respective depots and talking about it at At the other end, there are users, who - once when
getting aware of some interesting piece of software - can obtain it
directly from the developer's depot. In Sculpt, per se, there is nothing
in-between both ends.

However, should there be interest in a convenient catalog of software
available for Sculpt, anyone can step up offering this as a service,
independent from Genode Labs. Similar to how, e.g., Micheal Larabel
curates information about Linux at his website, someone
interested in Sculpt may step up and start curating and organizing the
information about the available software and where to find it. This
person could even provide a Sculpt index with custom menu structure
where each item points directly to a package of a software provider
(there is no need to repackage).

This would be a perfect way for someone who isn't a developer but has
journalist skills to contribute to our community, filling this gap.


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