Debian download not working for me

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at
Thu Mar 21 17:47:24 CET 2019

Joel Desermeau via users wrote:
> When I start download_debian, nothing happens. Is anyone else 
> experiencing this?
Yes, I hit the same problem too. There is a problem in a bugtracker, 
[1], which can be fixed by removing a superfluous ROM 
module from 
(Though, you should better try updating the index file from cnuke's 
depot by toggling it in "+"->"Depot"->"Selection" menu twice, and 
re-downloading the package, because this problem seems to be fixed by 
cnuke already).

The problem is that the package "pthread" is now missing (because it's 
currently merged with "libc"), so the "download_debian" package is 
incomplete (it depends on non-existing package). So, the package is 
incomplete, but no error is reported by "update", and Sculpt manager 
doesn't present a configuration dialog for incomplete packages, so the 
program is not started.
> How can I manually use my own .iso?
You can manually put VBox config (*.vbox), an empty *.vdi file and the 
installation ISO image to the /vm/debian subdirectory on your Genode 
partition, and call the ISO image "installer.iso". You can create the 
disk image and VBox config file with your VBox installation in 
Linux/Windows/another OS and then copy it to your Genode partition.

[1] "sculpt ce: installed package can stay in "installing" state in menu 
forever #3241":
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