Genode build system

Valery V. Sedletski _valerius at
Mon Mar 18 18:05:38 CET 2019

Martin Stein wrote:
> Hi Valery,
> There's a good example of pretty exactly what you're trying to do in the
> Genode world repository:
> As you can see in lines 17, you can make your map file depend on
> $(TARGET), which includes all binaries and libraries that are needed for
> the target declared in line 1. Then you can declare a rule how your map
> file gets generated like done here in lines 18/19.
> I hope this helped?
No, it seems, "ltris" example is not what I need, because in "ltris", 
$(TARGET) depends on a tar file generation. So, $(TARGET) is generated 
after tar file is built. I need the opposite, i.e., generate the binary 
first, then the map file.

So, I need $(TARGET) to be dependent from the  "map" file, not vice versa.

I tried to define TARGET as my map file, and my binary as its 
dependency, but this does not work, as TARGET should be necessarily a 
binary name,  as I understood.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion
> Cheers,
> Martin

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