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Joel Desermeau joeldesermeau at
Wed Mar 6 17:27:33 CET 2019

Thank you Dr. Feske for helping me get used to the new system :) I appreciate it a lot. I've got Debian up and running and I'm getting myself excited for a new year of Genode. I have been using Genode as my primary operating system for several weeks now!

What new programs should we expect to be able to run natively in Genode in the near future?

What kind of obstacles would be needed to overcome before Firefox can run natively in Genode?

Also, I am unable to get your vbox5-nova-sculpt depot pkg to run on my system. It doesn't boot up anything and the last error message is "Error: SystemPropertiesWrap : Cannot determine default Guest Additions ISO location. Most likely they are not available"

Anyway, I'm really happy with everything on my system!

Joel Desermeau
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