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On 09.06.19 03:52, Joel Desermeau via users wrote:
> I'm thinking about purchasing a new thinkpad for my father as a gift and virtualizing Windows 10 on Genode/NOVA (he's a Windows sysadmin).
> I've been studying the run scripts in the ports repo for vbox5 and Windows, but I'm getting no closer to understanding them. I'm usually a RTFM type of guy but I've really hit a wall here and I seem to be going in circles.

The vbox5*.run scripts become handy, if you have a spare test machine
which is setup beforehand the right way. The first paragraphs in
repos/ports/run/ have some pointers about the
required partition scheme on the target machine and about the required
vdi files and their naming. But please consider the vbox5*.run more or
less just as a test vehicle, we just use to see that the zoo of VMs
running fine every night.

If you rather plan to use WinX interactively, as for your father, I
would rather advice to use Sculpt CE and use ontop your Windows VM. In
principle you just have to provide the right VM configuration.

If you look into <disk>/vm/debian on your Sculpt booted system you will
find a machine.vdi and machine.vbox. Without having tested it actually,
a short instruction guide looks like that:

- create a copy in <disk>/vm/winX. Place your installation iso in this
- make a copy of config/launcher/vm_fs, maybe config/launcher/vm_win_fs
and adjust the folder to '/vm/winX'

Now you can configure your VM the normal way [0], just use as
File_system your new vm_win_fs instance during configuration.

Hope it helps,



> What should I name the .iso, where should I put it, and what run script should I use?
> Thank you,
> Joel Desermeau
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