rump_fs and fs_rom: changed file notification

Emery Hemingway ehmry at
Thu Jul 4 15:01:38 CEST 2019

Hello Stefan,

Have you tried using the vfs server in combination with the rump plugin?
I believe the plan is to make the rump_fs server disappear and use the
vfs plugin in its place, which supports notifications. Sculpt in fact
uses the rump vfs plugin exclusively (see /config/managed/runtime).


On Thursday, July 4, 2019 2:18:19 PM CEST, Stefan Thöni wrote:
> Hello Genodians
> We observed that a file changed on a rump_fs read by an fs_rom does not
> generate a notification to the client of that ROM session when
> written/changed. However, if a ram_fs is used instead of a rump_fs the
> notification is received as evidence by sculpt.
> Is this behavior expected?
> Kind regards
> Stefan

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