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Chris dontusemydata at
Fri Jan 25 13:32:57 CET 2019

Dear Genodians,

I have been successfully playing around with Networking in the 16.XX
releases using
the linux_x86 platform as a target.
My genode instance used to run in a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM with a  Windows
Despite the "creative" setup, the tun/tap setup bridged with one of the
VM's adapters
worked like a charm.

After a jump to 18.11, using the linux platform as a target, I am
experiencing troubles
with the linux_nic_drv:
The creation the driver component seems to fail during the creation of the
file descriptors for its dataspaces: lx_mmap in _map_local fails with 22
(EINVAL) (see attached console output from the lwip_lx example).

I tested under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS in my old build environment as well as on a
vanilla 16.04 LTS with a freshly installed genode toolchain & the current
Other examples, such as the demo scenario, run without any problems.

I have found an older discussion on the list from 2014 about failed memory
mappings, but the
thread ended without coming to a real conclusion.
I'd be more than glad for any idea what where to look for possible reasons
for this behavior.

Best regards,

======= console log, for run/lwip_lx ===========

using 'core-linux' as 'core'
using 'linux_timer_drv' as 'timer'
using '' as ''
spawn ./core
Genode 18.11-117-ged65267 <local changes>
17592186044415 MiB RAM and 8998 caps assigned to init
[init] parent provides
[init]   service "ROM"
[init]   service "IRQ"
[init]   service "IO_MEM"
[init]   service "IO_PORT"
[init]   service "PD"
[init]   service "RM"
[init]   service "CPU"
[init]   service "LOG"
[init] child "timer"
[init]   RAM quota:  776K
[init]   cap quota:  68
[init]   ELF binary: timer
[init]   priority:   0
[init]   provides service Timer
[init] child "linux_nic_drv"
[init]   RAM quota:  3848K
[init]   cap quota:  68
[init]   ELF binary: linux_nic_drv
[init]   priority:   0
[init]   provides service Nic
[init] child "test-lwip_httpsrv"
[init]   RAM quota:  4872K
[init]   cap quota:  68
[init]   ELF binary: test-lwip_httpsrv
[init]   priority:   0
[init -> linux_nic_drv] Error: _map_local: lx_mmap failed(addr_in=0x0,
addr_out=0xffffffffffffffea/-22) overmap=0
[init -> linux_nic_drv] Error: LD: exception during program load:
[init -> linux_nic_drv] Error: Uncaught exception of type
[init -> linux_nic_drv] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
Warning: blocking canceled in entrypoint constructor
[init] child "linux_nic_drv" exited with exit value 1
[init -> test-lwip_httpsrv] Error: LD: symbol not found: '_nsyyin'
[init -> test-lwip_httpsrv] Error: Uncaught exception of type
[init -> test-lwip_httpsrv] Warning: abort called - thread: ep
[init] child "test-lwip_httpsrv" exited with exit value 1
[init] child "timer" announces service "Timer"
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