Properly build latest Sculpt image from latest source code?

baconicsynergy at baconicsynergy at
Tue Feb 26 20:13:44 CET 2019

I'm attempting to build the latest version of sculpt from the source code via the following procedure:

- git clone

- I'm checking out the latest NOVA pkg via

- ./tool/depot/download genodelabs/bin/x86_64/base-nova/2019-02-12
- and the latest verison of sculpt via

- ./tool/depot/download genodelabs/pkg/sculpt/2019-02-11
- I then make and configure the build directory and enable the proper repositories
- I then attempt to run "make -C build/x86_64 run/sculpt KERNEL=nova"

I receive the following error message:

Error: missing depot archives:

However, these packages do not exist. I must be missing some silly error. Can someone tell me where I went wrong?
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