Roadmap 2020 - Nix/Genode

Emery Hemingway ehmry at
Sun Dec 29 09:44:02 CET 2019

Hello Genodians,

My 2020 project will be building a NixOS-like OS around Genode OS. Its
something I tried a few years ago but never completed, but now I am
resolved that it is the best way to scale up Genode.

I can't do it alone, so if such a project interests you, please contact
me off-list. There is a lot of work to do but at least the following
are complete:
 - An LLVM-8 based toolchain
 - A x86_64-genode Nixpkgs stdenv. It builds native Genode components and
   will evaluate most of Nixpkgs, but a strategy is missing for
   automatically patching projects that use GNU autotools.
 - Functions for building and testing bootable ISOs
 - An initial NixOS module for booting Genode subsystems as systemd
 - Pre-packaging of depot binary archives.
 - Dhall as an alternative configuration language

The current sources are held here:



There is a another project that packages Genode with Nix, but I haven't
tried it yet:

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