Debugging without GDB - stack print?

ttcoder at ttcoder at
Fri Aug 23 21:26:25 CEST 2019

Hi Alexander,

> ^Mno RM attachment (READ pf_addr=0x0 pf_ip=0xa95b1 from pager_object: 
> pd='init -> noux -> test-go' thread='ep') 
> ^MWarning: invalid signal-context capability
> ^MWarning: page-fault, pager_object: pd='init -> noux -> test-go' 
> thread='ep' ip=0xa95b1 pf-addr=0x0
> Where I can find a map of load of my application? And symbols?
> I found only something like test-go file, which I can read using readelf 
> -s…
> How to correspond pf_ip=0xa95b1 dress with code?

I'm relatively new to Genode too, and try to collect responses to questions like those; mostly for my sake, but might be useful to you too; see Section 2 "Mapping the address to source code and function names" here:

Will keep an eye out for responses to your question in this thread, in case I can amend/improve that page some more.


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