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hello minskey

On 21.08.19 03:34, guo minskey wrote:
> Hi,  all,
>      Is there any guide to build an ISO for seL4/genode for x86_64 platform ?
> I am new to Genode.  I downloaded an ISO ( built by alex ??),  which works
> in qemu-kvm, but doesn't work on my  Intel NUC hardware.  I want to take
> a look into it and see if I can enable it on my hardware.  But for the first step,
> I have to know how to build an ISO. 

To create an ISO for sel4/genode you create a build directory with
'tool/create_builddir x86_64'.
This creates a build directory at 'build/x86_64'. Now you can edit the
build.conf file which is located in 'build/x86_64/etc/build.conf'.

In this file you can set many things to control the build process. What
I normally do is the following:

 - Uncomment the line #MAKE += -jX and set the number to match my core
 - uncomment the line #KERNEL ?= nova.
   This selects the kernel to use by default, if none is provided on the
   command line (KERNEL=xxxx)
 - Add a run opt to specify the output format (disk,uefi or iso)
   For this one adds a RUN_OPT += --include image/[disk|uefi|iso] line.
 - Depending on the run scripts to run uncomment the
   'REPOSITORIES +=xxx' lines

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