Genode Community Summer - Invitation

Martin Stein martin.stein at
Mon Aug 12 11:56:57 CEST 2019

Recently, several requests reached us at Genode Labs from people
interested in coming to Dresden for a certain period of time to work on
their Genode project while beeing able to seek our assistance in person.
To give this idea a dedicated space, Genode Labs will hold a new event,
the "Genode Community Summer" this year.

*** For whom? ***

The gathering is open for everyone of the Genode community. Each
participant should have a concrete project to pursue during the time and
be able work on this project independently most of the time. Unlike a
commercial offered workshop, there won't be any lecture or intensive
coaching, but simply co-working in an informal and friendly setting.
During the day, people of our team would also work there so that
participants can seek our assistance at any time.

Please note that anything confidential should better be left at home!
This way, we can accommodate people with different backgrounds at the
same time while the event bears potential for networking effects among
different community members.

*** Where? ***

The event will take place in the lower floor of the Genode Labs office,
Friedrichstra├če 26, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Note, that lodging is up to
each participant individually.

*** When? ***

Over two weeks from 16th to 27th of September 2019. It is possible to
participate only for a part of this time.

*** How to register? ***

Each participant must register in advance since our space is limited but
the event will be at no cost. Please register via mail to the mailing
list or martin.stein at We will hold the event only if at
least 4 people register until end of August. We will inform all
participants through the mailing list as soon as we have 4 registrations.

Your registration must contain a brief description of the project you're
planning to pursue during the gathering. Please also add whether you
like to participate for the whole two weeks, and if not, which part of
that time you will participate.

If you have further questions regarding the Genode Community Summer,
please don't hesitate to ask directly (martin.stein at or
at the mailing list.

Hope to see you there!

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