jdk_generated: creating a classes.tar file

Sebastian Sumpf Sebastian.Sumpf at genode-labs.com
Fri Aug 9 13:17:09 CEST 2019

Hi Pirmin,

On 8/9/19 9:31 AM, Duss Pirmin wrote:
> Hello
> On 09.08.19 09:11, Duss Pirmin wrote:
>> Hello Genodians
>> I'm currently porting jtreg to Genode, so that I can run regression
>> tests for Java.
>> This requires some .class files that aren't currently in the classes.tar
>> from the jdk_generated port.
>> Is there a short description, on how this file was created, so I can
>> create an other version of this file?
> I think, that I have found out  how to do it. The file
> _the.java.base_batch.cmdline inside the tar contains the command line on
> how to do it.
> All I have to do now is to adapt all paths to my machine. And replace
> the no longer supported -Xbootclasspath/p option.

I downloaded
and built OpenJDK on Linux (x86_64). The modules are than located
under:' <jdk-dir>/build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/jdk/modules'.
I created the tar archive from this directory and added classes as
needed. Since it is byte code, it will also work on ARM.



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