use hard float in Genode

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Wed Oct 31 08:36:38 CET 2018

>yes, you're right. If you want to compile with hard-float and link against the C++ runtime library >delivered by Genode's toolchain, it will fail. You need to compile the Genode toolchain yourself, >if this is a hard requirement for you. Have a look at the tool/tool_chain script in Genode's source >code repository therefore.

Hello ,Stefan. Thanks for your reply! Now I am trying to compile the Genode toolchain myself. I used the scripts in tools/tool_chain but still encountered the same problem. I think I should add some flags in tools/tool_chain, but I have no idea what to add and where to add the flags. I have tried add
"GCC_MAKE_OPT += -mfloat-abi=hard -mfpu=vfp" but it make failed. So could you give me some hint on this? Thanks a lot.

Best wishes
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