HPET description not found when using UEFI boot with Nova

Parfait Tokponnon parfait.tokponnon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 18:49:20 CEST 2018

Hello all,
We would like to test the UEFI framebuffer driver on Nova but the booting
hangs just after this log on serial output :
NOVA Microhypervisor v8-b156131 (x86_64): Oct 24 2018 16:04:18 [gcc 6.3.0]

Command: $make run/demo KERNEL=nova
with QEMU_RUN_OPT := --include power_on/qemu  --include log/qemu --include
QEMU emulator version 2.12.92 (v3.0.0-rc2-1-ga0c7f2c-dirty)
This is a fresh Genode directory, just cloned from github.
Actually, the booting hangs in function acpi::setup() because the HPET
signature is not found when parsing the RSDT acpi table. Here is the list
of signatures found in the acpi table :  {FACP, APIC, SSDT, BGRT}.
It is worth precising that it works fine when using the default (non-uefi)
configuration. In this case, the acpi signatures list is {FACP, APIC, HPET,
How can I fix this?
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