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On 23.10.18 14:50, Joel Nider wrote:
> I have been looking at several drivers in Genode, and they all seem to 
> have static data - specifically a Heap object and Root object.  I am 
> wondering with this kind of setup, is it possible to manage more than one 
> device with a single driver?

of course. As described in the Genode book [0] in chapter 3.2.3, the
root object provides the implementation just of the interface. Whenever
a client connects to a service (like a driver for nic, ahci, nvme, usb
etc.) a session is established via this interface. The driver may
associate (typically does so depending on your specified policy) one
specific device it drives to this session - as done e.g. for drivers
handling multiple devices, e.g. ahci, nvme, usb.

A driver may provide also different services, e.g. our old usb driver
provides Nic, Block, Input (so several root interfaces).




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