First steps with Sculpt on Dell XPS 13

Roman Iten roman.iten at
Mon Oct 8 22:21:08 CEST 2018


On 9/14/18 6:46 PM, Roman Iten wrote:
> I didn't tried more complex runtimes like vbox though.

This weekend, I intended to begin sculpting my system. I spent some time
bisecting the commit history because every time I pressed F12 the system
froze (pointer, log, report_dump, ...). Long story short I eventually
realized that not F12 key caused the freeze, but the key combination
FN+F12 (FN-Lock, toggled by FN+Esc, happend to be enabled...)

So it turns out that at least pressing FN+F8 (toggle? display), FN+F11
(decrease brightness) and FN+F12 (increase brightness) render the system

Do you have some suggestions how to debug the problem?

Cheers, Roman

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