geteuid / getpwnam not implemented

Wouter van Oijen wouter.van.oijen at
Tue Nov 27 12:40:21 CET 2018


I succeeded in building and starting Mosquitto under Genode, but it
fails due to the not-implemented functions geteuid() and getpwnam().
See log below. Are these functions already implemented somewhere? How
should I continue from here?

Also, what does the warning about exec_static_constructors() mean?

[init -> mosquitto] lwIP Nic interface up address=
netmask= gateway=
[init -> mosquitto] Warning: Don't call
Genode::Env::exec_static_constructors() in components without static
[init -> mosquitto] 1543318260: mosquitto version 1.5.4 starting
[init -> mosquitto] 1543318260: Using default config.
[init -> mosquitto] 1543318260: Opening ipv4 listen socket on port 1883.
[init -> mosquitto] Warning: geteuid: geteuid not implemented
[init -> mosquitto] Warning: getpwnam: getpwnam not implemented
[init -> mosquitto] 1543318260: Error: Invalid user 'mosquitto'.
[init] child "mosquitto" exited with exit value 1

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