use sd_card driver in imx53_qsb_tz platform

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Sun Nov 25 09:14:22 CET 2018

>Surely this is the right way to go. All ingredients are already in place. Have a look at the usb_armory platform, which uses exactly the same SoC i.MX53 with a trustzone Linux using the sd-card client-wise from the Genode secure-world.
>You need to change the sd-card device assignment in: `repos/base-hw/src/bootstrap/spec/imx53_qsb/`
>The fourth parameter of the Csu object decides over the sd-card assignment. And of course you need to change the Linux kernel to use the paravirtualized block device of the trustzone VMM. 
>Please use the Linux kernel version + adaptations from here as inspiration:

Thank you very much for your help. Now I am trying to modify the linux kernel according to your advice. And I have another question want for your help. Since i.mx53 quick start board have two SD card slot, which are  MicroSD card slot(mmc0) and SD card slot(mmc1) respectively.So, can I configure them to be secure or non-secure seperately?In other words, does the  CSU object in the repos/base-hw/src/bootstrap/spec/imx53_qsb/ configure both mmc0 and mmc1 to be secure or non-secure at the same time? Because, from the system booting message, I can only find the  mmc0 which is also used for booting that is found by the SD card driver, but there's no information about mmc1. I have insert SD card to both mmc0 and mmc1 and part of the booting message are as follows:
[init -> platform_drv] --- i.MX53 platform driver ---                           
[init -> sd_card_drv] --- SD card driver ---                                    
[init] child "platform_drv" announces service "Platform"                        
[init] child "sd_card_drv" announces service "Block"                                                      
[init -> sd_card_drv] CID: 0x3534453 0x55303447 0x80b0970d 0x4000e700           
[init -> sd_card_drv] RCA: 0xe624                                               
[init -> sd_card_drv] SD card detected                                          
[init -> sd_card_drv] capacity: 3781 MiB                                        
[init -> part_blk] Partition 1: LBA 10240 (7733248 blocks) type: 83             
[init] child "part_blk" announces service "Block"                               
[init -> part_blk] session opened at partition 1 for 'rump_fs -> '              
[init -> rump_fs] Using ext2fs as file system                                   
[init -> rump_fs] asserting rump kernel 14109 KB of RAM                         
[init -> rump_fs] rump: /genode: file system not clean; please fsck(8)

I am wondering if I can config mmc0 and mmc1 to be secure and non-secure respectively.In this way, the mmc1 can be used by linux kernel directly. Thank you in advance!
Best wishes
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