Porting Mosquitto to Genode: no plugin found for socket()

Pirmin Duss pirmin.duss at gapfruit.com
Wed Nov 21 12:59:30 CET 2018

Hello  Wouter

On 21.11.18 11:54, Wouter van Oijen wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently porting Mosquitto (https://mosquitto.org/) to Genode.
> I've managed to compile and run the application, but I get the
> following error:
> (...)
> genode build completed
> using 'core-linux' as 'core'
> using 'ld-linux.lib.so' as 'ld.lib.so'
> spawn ./core
> Genode 18.08
> 17592186044415 MiB RAM and 8998 caps assigned to init
> [init -> mosquitto] Warning: rtc not configured, returning 0
> [init -> mosquitto] Error: no plugin found for socket()
> [init -> mosquitto] Error: no plugin found for socket()
> [init] child "mosquitto" exited with exit value 1
> This is probably because the socket() function in libc is just a stub
> and needs a plugin to work correctly. I'm not sure how to continue
> from here. As far as I know, there are different ways to implement the
> sockets in Genode (for example using VFS). Is there any (up-to-date)
> documentation about these implementations? What are the advantages and
> disadvantages of each approach, and what other steps are required to
> get it working (there seem to be a lot of dependencies when including
> the socket interface...).

An example on how to configure the socket can be found in repos/libports/run/nic_bridge.run line 77 to 83.

> In both cases I also have the warning about rtc nog configured. How do
> I resolve this?

An example on how to configure the rtc can be found in repos/world/run/atari800.run (lines 7 and 10)

There is a driver for the hardware RTC (rtc_drv). repos/world/run/gmock.run provides an example on how to use it (AFAIK
it doesn't work on Linux).

Best regards,

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