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to follow up on my previous posting, the article has become officially
available on the website now:


On 17.09.18 15:05, Norman Feske wrote:
> Dear Genode community,
> today, I'd like to present an idea that developed over the past three
> years during discussions with various contributors and users about the
> prospect of a Genode-based business ecosystem.
> As you certainly know, Genode Labs pursues a dual-licensing business
> model, which allows us to fund the development of Genode as an
> independent team. Our licensing business is enabled by the combination
> of the AGPLv3 as a strong copyleft license with the library-like nature
> of Genode. Until today, this model is limited to our company. To foster
> a sustainable ecosystem around Genode, we wish to enable others to
> pursue a similar business model while maintaining the spirit of open
> collaboration and free software.
> We eventually crafted a new license called "Genode Component Public
> License" (Genode CPL) specifically for components developed by 3rd
> parties, outside of Genode Labs. Please find the rationale, license
> text, and FAQ under the following link (which is not officially
> reachable from the website yet):
> Before I go forward with publicly announcing the article at,
> I would very much appreciate your feedback, in particular:
> * How does the rationale and approach given in the description resonate
>   with you?
> * Do you see any potential for controversies or uncertainties?
> * If you are in the business of producing proprietary software, would
>   the Genode CPL create an incentive to open up your products without
>   putting your business at risk?
> I'm very much aware that licensing is a delicate topic. To avoid
> hot-heated controversies and mis-interpretation, I encourage everyone to
> carefully read the "Questions and Answers" Section of the article before
> commenting.
> I'm looking forward to your feedback!
> Best regards
> Norman

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