Genode demo with seL4 Kernel no longer working

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Wed Mar 21 18:30:07 CET 2018

Hello Chris,

On 21.03.2018 17:00, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> Previously, the demo build of Genode with seL4 worked perfectly fine but
> it seems with the newer port of seL4, this is no longer working.  If I
> use KERNEL=nova, the build runs fine, both through QEMU and booting the
> hardware with the build but with KERNEL=sel4, here is the output m(via
> hardware boot).  Is this a known issue?

thank you for reporting. We haven't noticed this problem so far.

> [init -> nitpicker_config] resource_request: ram_quota=5239
> [init] child "nitpicker_config" requests resources: ram_quota=5239
> [init -> ps2_drv] resource_request: ram_quota=20480
> [init] child "ps2_drv" requests resources: ram_quota=20480

Those components are apparently starved for memory. Could you try
increasing the RAM quota of them?


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