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Wed Mar 21 14:40:21 CET 2018

Signatur HSR

Hi all,

I am currently trying to find an ARMv8 development board to port the 
Muen separation kernel to the ARM architecture as my bachelor thesis. In 
the mailing list archive I found a post about porting Genode to ARMv8 
64-bit processors. Is there still someone working on this topic? And if 
yes, which development boards are used? I am actually looking for a 
board with 64-bit ARM processor, virtualization support, generic 
interrupt controller GICv2, SMMU and JTAG interface. So far my favourite 
is the Hardkernel Odroid C2 board (even though it doesn't completely 
meet the requirements).

I would appreciate your opinion and recommendations.

Thanks and regards, David

David Loosli

Informatik BSc

/HSR Rapperswil/

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