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Hello Dong Du,

On 12.03.2018 12:45, Dd Nirvana wrote:
> Hi guys,
>        I am so glad to know that genode has supported RISCV from v16.02.
> I have already read the
> article( which introduce
> how genode port the RISCV.
>        However, I am still a little confused about how to build a
> runnable genode image and how to  run it on riscv platform like spike.
> Could you give me any advices to do it?

Genode's support for RISC-V is currently very limited. For example,
there is no libc or any peripheral devices. Currently, RISC-V can be
tested on Genode using the spike emulator and our custom kernel, which
implements support for the RISCV 1.9 privileged ISA. So, in order to
test RISC-V make sure to have spike installed. You can find the version
we are using here:

Please check out the 17.05 branches of both repositories. The fesvr
(front-end server) is required by the instruction emulator and has to be
build first. Please check the files for build instructions.

With spike installed you want to create a Genode directory next:

> <genode-src>/tool/create_builddir riscv_spike
> cd <genode-src>/build/risc_spike

Next you may execute the log run script:

> make KERNEL=hw run/log

(make sure to have the Genode tool chain installed -

This will build the log scenario and execute it within spike. The actual
boot image can be found under the <genode-src>/build/riscv-spike/bbl/bbl
(Berkeley Boot Loader). BBL implements the machine mode and also piggy
backs the Genode image.



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