Genode affinity, multi-core separation and service encapsulation (core inferences)

Daniel Krefft daniel.krefft at ...256...
Mon Mar 5 18:57:30 CET 2018


after an exhaustive evaluation of different scenarios for testing the
coherent execution of components on distinct cores, the following
question arises:

Is it basically possible to separate a component running on core 1
completely (e.g. pd, ram, rom, log) from the remaining system running on
core 0?

Our results so far demonstrate that, in any case, a component running on
core 1 utilizes at least the rom and log services provided by init which
is running on core 0. Also the usage of a second level init component
(which is suggested by the genode book) didn't change the resulting

Of course, genode is not meant to be a separation kernel by design, but
would it still be possible to map/assign resources/partitions to
corresponding cores? Or do all components running on different cores
still have to contact the genode CORE component which is running on core 0?

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