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Mon Mar 5 12:30:14 CET 2018

Hello Ben,

On Thu, Mar 01, 2018 at 11:48:58PM -0700, Nobody III wrote:
> In Sculpt, I have noticed 2 major keyboard issues:
> 1. The caps lock and shift keys are treated identically, which gives
> unexpected results (symbols instead of numbers) when a user types numbers
> with caps lock enabled.

Up to now, this issue stayed undetected simply for the fact that we
core developers do not use or even know the correct behavior of "Caps
Lock". So triggered by your message, I browsed to Wikipedia and
discovered that we're in good company being uncertain of the correct
caps-lock behavior

Nevertheless, it's possible to change the character-generator mapping
for caps-lock rendering differently from the shift keys by applying
the caps-lock ROM to a different modifier (e.g., mod4). Then, you have
to provide the character mapping in the <map mod4="yes"> node of the
en_us.chargen file.

> 2. The delete, end, and home keys don't work properly in bash. They are
> equivalent to typing the '~' character. Those keys work fine in vim,
> however.

This is a known issue originating from the bash port, which does not
adapt to the terminal capabilities like, for example, ViM.

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