[SPAM] Sculpt scenario and block devices

Tomasz Gajewski tomga at ...300...
Sun Mar 4 12:09:56 CET 2018

After few glitches I've managed successfully boot Sculpt to the point
where Leitzentrale console is working. It's interactive nature is really
cool and makes me want to play with it further.

I can see block devices reported in /report/drivers/block_devices but I
have two disks so driver_manager is not marking any of my disks as

Both disks are partitioned and I could give one partition exclusively to
Genode to continue playing with it but not whole disk.

Additionally I can see that usb storage devices are properly detected
and reported so alternatively I could use a pendrive as storage for
genode data.

I think there are two possibilities to continue.

First is to change Sculpt configuration during preparing image to match
my configuration.

Second is to change implementation of some component (?driver_manager?0
to be flexible enough to automatically handle all my devices: disks
(ahci), partitions on disks (part_blk on ahci devices), usb drives
(usb), partitions on usb drives and expose them. Later it should be
possible to just select a block device which user would like to user for

I'd like to try to work a little to make a second solution working
(although probably I'll have to make the first (static) version working
before making a dynamic one).

I think that for each disk device (either ahci or usb) something should
start part_blk for it, check if it properly detected partitions and
expose them.

Addtionally there should be a configuration option that could be easily
set in some config that would make a specific block device a default one
(instead of policy that marks it as default if there is only one

I think you already have some vision how you plan to implement that part
of system. Do you plan to extend driver manager implementation? Would
such work be a good contribution? Or maybe you plan to reimplement this
functionality in a less low level language? Nim?

Tomasz Gajewski

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