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Wed Jun 27 15:36:31 CEST 2018

Hi Guido,

> I forgot to mention that I read the book and the articles on the site
> and I think I know the abstract of it but I lack the concrete steps.
> What I think I know know:
> - I have to make the directory into a SRC-package

our regular work flow is to extract src packages from the Genode
repository. If you want to use this work flow, you have to create a
so-called recipe. All recipes are stored under <genode>/<repo>/recipes/.
You can find more information about the use of recipes in Section 5.5.4.
"Automated extraction of archives from the source tree" of the Genode
Foundations book [1]. Should the documentation be too scarce, I'd like
to know what additional information would help you to connect the dots.


That said, you can assemble your src archive by hand just as well. It is
basically a Genode repository supplemented with a tiny bit of meta data
(the 'used_apis' and optional 'api' file in the top level directory).
Please have a look at an existing archive like [2] as reference.

[2] <genode>/depot/genodelabs/src/init/2018-06-26

> - From there I do a build to get BIN package

Yes. This is done with the tool/depot/create tool. A typical invocation
of the tool looks like this (please refer to the book for the
description of the arguments):

  cd genode
  ./tool/depot/create guido/bin/x86_64/init \
                  UPDATE_VERSIONS=1 FORCE=1 REBUILD=

> - That I copy to a webroot and point my testbox to it.

You won't copy the content of the binary archive directly to the web
server. First, there is a so-called 'publish' step, which creates tar
archives for the to-be-published archive and its dependencies, and signs
those tar archives with your private OpenPGP key. This step populates
the <genode>/public/ directory. The latter can then be rsync'd to your
web server.

I think that all this information should be covered in the book's
Section 5.5. If I was telling anything new that is not covered there,
I'd appreciate a hint from you. ;-)


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