Need help understanding packaging

Guido Witmond guido at
Mon Jun 25 22:44:09 CEST 2018

Hi Genodians,

I've got this little project for a web service[1]. It works as a 
run-script and even boots as disk image on my intel box. *)

It's fast. It serves a file at 40MBytes/second and only 5 ms latency 
between connecting to it and the first bytes on a Gbps LAN. Although 
that file was served from memory, half the speed of the LAN without any 
tuning is promising!

But I get stuck with making it into a depot-package. I lack the clarity 
of what the next steps are.

My subgoals:
1. make it a depot-package;
2. make it configurable by user;
3. replace ragel parser[2] with hammer library[3] as a dependency.

How could I proceed with these steps? Is there an example run-script to 
package conversion I could follow?

Cheers, Guido.


*) Sculpt runs fine on AMD's Ryzen too, except for SATA, virtualisation.

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