libc lwip recv MSG_PEEK doesn't behave as specified

Johannes Kliemann kliemann at
Wed Jun 20 11:03:21 CEST 2018


> Don't get my description wrong. The Libc::Select_handler fills the gap
> between Genode components (with signal handlers or RPC interfaces) and
> libc select(). So, it provides the feature to get deblocked if one of
> the selected file descriptors gets readable in conjunction with the
> common component functions.
> Please have a look into the test residing in libports/src/test/libc_component.

That looks indeed close to what I want to have. What is not clear to me
why _select_ready is registered as handler but then still called
manually after Select_handler::select returns.

Sorry for being nitpicky, I just want to get a better understanding
about this (my understanding of the whole Libc interface also could be
better so this is a starting point).


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