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On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 12:56:05PM -0400, Chris Rothrock wrote:
> 1) In a previous email in this chain you mentioned trying something more
> simplistic, such as run/log.  Here are the results of this with and without
> the SABLE bootloader - this just hangs on handing off from NOVA to Genode,
> not even any errors.  The SABLE code will be going open source soon and I
> will be able to provide this to you as needed in the effort to trace down
> the problem.

Honestly, with this little information I see no chance to help. I tend
to blame SABLE for breaking boot compatibility because (like you
write) it works without SABLE. I suggest you investigate if SABLE is
able to boot multiboot OSes in a standard compliant way. Have a look
at hypervisor and image.elf and ask the original SABLE developers if
they identify something SABLE may not support / never was designed to
support (e.g., multiple loaded segments). I'm not able to identify
anything Genode core may do wrong if even the first log message is
missing. Maybe you could add more diagnostic messages?

> 2) The only working binary I have from the 17.05 that I can get SABLE to
> boot properly is Genode with seL4.  I am trying to be able to reproduce
> this build but when I build and run Genode 17.05 using seL4 kernel, it
> doesn't boot into the demo.  The nitpicker and/or framebuffer seems to not
> load properly when it does on the binary I use for testing SABLE.  Below is
> the output from that 17.05 (without using SABLE).  Any ideas why this build
> is no longer working?
> Warning: void Genode::Rpc_cap_factory::free(Genode::Native_capability) not
> implemented - resources leaked: 0x20
> Warning: PD (init -> acpi_drv) cap limit (used=17, limit=19) exceeded
> during transfer_quota(3)
> [init -> acpi_drv] resource_request: cap_quota=3
> [init -> nitpicker_config] Warning: top-level node <xray> missing in input
> ROM xray
> [init -> nitpicker_config] Warning: could not obtain input value for input
> xray_enabled
> [init -> acpi_drv] used before freeing emergency=864K
> [init -> acpi_drv] used after freeing emergency=848K
> [init] child "acpi_drv" requests resources: cap_quota=3

I doubt that this ever worked as the logged CAP quota shortage is a
fatal error.

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