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Martin Stein martin.stein at
Wed Jun 13 13:00:07 CEST 2018

Hi Pirmin,

Sorry for the delayed answer.

El 04/06/18 a las 09:00, Pirmin Duss escribió:
> Hi Martin
> On 03.06.2018 12:26, Martin Stein wrote:
>> Hi Pirmin,
>> El 01/06/18 a las 16:11, Pirmin Duss escribió:
>>> An other point that doesn't look nice currently is the way used to
>>> obtain the location of the port sources [2]. Is there a way to get rid
>>> of the "../ports/" part?
>> There exists the select_from_ports function that is used widely. Examples:
>> ARORA_PORT_DIR := $(call select_from_ports,arora)
>> LIBPNG_DIR := $(call select_from_ports,libpng)/src/lib/libpng
> select_from_ports seems to return an empty string when I use
> PORT_DIR := $(call select_from_ports,gcc)/src/noux-pkg/gcc/gcc
> the copy action fails as it tries to read files from
> /src/noux-pkg/gcc/gcc and not out of the port dir.
> Is it possible, that call select_from_ports is only available in the run
> scripts?
> best regards, Pirmin

The select_from_port shouldn't depend on the Run mechanism in general.
There should also be no problem with using it for noux packages. I
assume that there is something missing in your port description that
makes select_from_ports fail.

You can find a pretty comprehensive description of what is needed for
select_from_ports to work with a given port next to its implementation
in [1] (see also _lookup_port_hash_file in the same file).

Did this help you?

[1] base/mk/

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