Sculpt TC - Error Building "image/disk"

John J. Karcher devuser at
Fri Jun 8 22:23:15 CEST 2018

On 06/08/2018 08:12 AM, Christian Helmuth wrote:
> Hello John,
> On Thu, Jun 07, 2018 at 01:15:01PM -0400, John J. Karcher wrote:
>> On 06/07/2018 02:51 AM, Christian Helmuth wrote:
>>>    export PARTED_GPT_APPLE=0
>>>    make run/sculpt KERNEL=nova
>> That worked like a charm!
> thanks for your help. I also added PARTED_GPT_APPLE=0 to the run tool
> to reduce the noise.

Yes, that was a good discovery.  It's a lot more peaceful that way.  ;^)

To anyone interested (since I accidentally replied to Christian 
directly), his latest updates allow building "image/disk" on Debian 

   John J. Karcher
   devuser at

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