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On 28.02.2018 00:58, Valery V. Sedletski via genode-main wrote:

> [1]

The ACPI table named ATKG seems to cause also trouble on other Linux
machines according to my search results. Maybe you can apply the latest
BIOS update to that machine, since the root cause of the issue are wrong
ACPI tables provided by the BIOS vendor. Another way we can try is to
make our ACPI parser more robust and just skip the table.

Try to uncomment in


after the "checksum mismatch for" message the "throw" (line ~450). Cross
fingers, maybe you have luck and you get further.

You have to re-create the drivers package by invoking:

tool/depot/create genodelabs/pkg/drivers_interactive-pc

Additionally, you may send me directly (not to the mailing list) the
dumped ACPI tables, so I may have a look.

> [2]
> [3]

> [init -> drivers -> fb_drv] resource_request: ram_quota=0, cap_quota=4
> [init -> drivers] child "fb_drv" requests resources: ram_quota=0,
cap_quota 4

Increase the "caps" value by some minor value for the fb_drv start
element in


and re-create the interactive driver package (as shown above).

> [init -> drivers -> usb_drv] dev_info: new low-speed USB device number
2 using uhci_hcd
> no RM attachment (READ pf_addr=0x18 pf_ip=0xa15ef from pager_object:
pd='init -> drivers -> usb_drv' thread='ep')

Try adding the ohci attribute to the usb driver component, since you're
running on a AMD machine in
repos/os/recipes/raw/drivers_interactive-pc/drivers.config, e.g.:

 <config uhci="yes" ehci="yes" ohci="yes" xhci="yes"> <hid/> </config>

(rebuild the package as noted above.)

If this does not help, try first with the simple run script
in repos/dde_linux. Use objdump to find out which source line the
instruction pointer belongs to.


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