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Mon Feb 12 20:13:13 CET 2018

Hi Ben,

On 11.02.2018 02:12, Nobody III wrote:
> In order to make the VFS sufficiently dynamic, it seems that the
> Dir_file_system code just needs more sophisticated code to handle config
> updates. Am I correct?


> As for my VFS plugin, I need a way for it to access the rest of the VFS,
> particularly the root directory. As far as I can tell, this isn't
> possible with the current VFS code. How should we change this? It would
> allow my planned transparent link VFS plugin to work, as well as others
> such as copy-on-write union directories.

You are spot-on! We definitely need to pass the root directory to VFS
plugins. Actually, I also desperately need this feature. :-)

However, right now, we deliberately postpone the addition of new VFS
features as we first need to fully nurture the code that we already
have. A look at the issue tracker [1] reveals the construction sites
that should be wrapped up first.



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