Share a variable of Core with other components

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Fri Feb 2 03:28:53 CET 2018


I'd like to ask a question about a way to "share a variable of Core with
other components".

I'm using i.MX53 QSB, so this question is based on 'base-hw' implementation.

Suppose that 'Core' has a variable "A" and makes it visible to other
components like 'Init' or else.

For this, I added a routine to use a Dataspace_capability for "A" in main()
of 'Core' as follows:
*Dataspace_capability ds = env()->ram_session()->alloc(4096);*
*unsigned char *local_addr = env()->rm_session()->attach(ds);*

However, I faced a difficulty to implement an RPC to delegate(share) the
Dataspace_capability to other components.

Is there any simple or proper way to share "A" of 'Core' with other
If possible, please give me an example.

Any comment comments would be highly appreciated.

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