Roadmap 2019

Sebastian Sumpf Sebastian.Sumpf at
Fri Dec 28 16:02:56 CET 2018

Hi folks,

here are my three cents: I am very proud of what our team achieved last
year. Sculpt is up and running. I did setup the long running version and
it has not crashed so far and even if it did, I would see it as a chance
to mature Genode. We are humans after all and we do make mistakes, but
thanks to the various kernels, and thus different runtime behavior, we
are able to trigger bugs very fast - enabling us to fix them quickly.
There is more robustness now than I ever imagined.

Otherwise, I see two concurrent paths: 1. POSIX compliance and 2. The
Genode way. For porting software (1) is very convenient. But when
writing new applications I would like to see more of (2). Most likely we
will have to traverse both paths.

Besides doing Java and getting it ready to work properly, I would like
to rework the whole audio stack. That would be the third iteration, but
sometimes things emerge very slowly. So, if anyone here has experiences
with low latency audio, a good book or homepage to read, or just knows
how to design this stuff ... let me know.

Even tough Norman's talk got rejected from the FOSDEM organizers, we do
enjoy  a very successful run at the Microkernel devroom [1], we will
organize it this year,  where we actually had to reject more talks than
I am comfortable with. But there are only eight hours ...

I think by now we have a very small but fine community,



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