Roadmap 2019

John J. Karcher devuser at
Thu Dec 27 04:02:08 CET 2018

On 12/26/18 5:52 AM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Emery,
>> As for concrete goals for next year, I have one laptop that I use
>> exclusively with Sculpt, but I also have a NixOS VPS that I use as my
>> always-on OS. Therefore I would like a headless Sculpt that I can use
>> remotely. For this to happen I would imagine a nested sculpt_manager
>> so that I could share the same machine with friends, a Curses-like
>> implementation of menu_view, and some secure networking tunneling.
> headless Sculpt is a tempting idea. AFAIK, Christian and Sebastian
> already took steps into the same direction. I'm looking forward to see
> what you will come up with.

Headless Sculpt is on my wish list for the year also.  In the interest 
of reducing duplicated work, could you tell us what Christian and 
Sebastian are working on more specifically?

I was thinking along the lines of a VNC server.  (I was able to port the 
"libvncserver" library without any code changes, but since I'm still 
working on the application half, I don't know how well it works yet.)


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