Roadmap 2019

Emery Hemingway ehmry at
Wed Dec 26 18:51:36 CET 2018

On Wednesday, December 26, 2018 11:52:47 AM CET, Norman Feske wrote:
> With the goal of Genode adoption, I think the most sensible approach
> would be supporting such languages on top of Genode's POSIX layer. This
> way, we could satisfy most use cases without the need for bindings to
> Genode's native API (which would be a lot of work, for each language).
> When speaking of functional languages, you mentioned lisp. But given
> your work on MirageOS, wouldn't OCAML be a more obvious choice?

Porting MirageOS required almost no work to be done in OCaml, but I'm
getting some requests for native bindings to things like framebuffer,
so I will look into porting the OCaml runtime or reusing the runtime
from Mirage.

I mentioned Lisp because I'm interested in using a minimalist language
as a shell and to build GUIs from reports. I'm also looking a bit at
REBOL and Smalltalk, the critical factor being low effort and low
maintenance over features and performance.

>> As for my personal roadmap, in the past few weeks I've begun work on a
>> distributed non-hierarchal storage layer.
>> ...
> Is this a topic you'd like to see reflected on the official road map?

I would like to see storage on the roadmap, but in a broad sense. Better
safety when closing Block subsystems, and perhaps a "blessed" API for
key-value storage.

Looking forward to next years projects,

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