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Tue Dec 11 12:45:02 CET 2018

Howdy all,

We are a (very small) company looking for a good home for our software suite. The Be-derived OS we've been using served us well for a long 
time, but instability has become a problem of late, with kernel/drivers crashes -- obviously that is where a micro-kernel/framework would 
shine. My thinking goes, if we are to 'port' our SW we might as well go for state of the art. That way, it will be the first and last time we do that 
transition. Our clients don't need (nor event want!) all the bells and whistles of a commodity OS; they just need a solid kernel with our apps 
running full-screen. So it appears to be a perfect match with Genode/nova, nitpicker et alia, keeping in mind I of course have some huge work 
ahead of me.

Anyway long story short: although I'm very enthusiastic about Genode, I first need to get my greedy hands on it and compile it. I've been 
failing at that repeatedly ever since doing my first git clone, ca. 18.05

A collaborative worksheet might be better suited for copy-pasting error messages and for organizing thoughts (rather than cluttering this 
mailing-list): I've created this etherpad as a companion venue for working on this, in case there is interest:

I'll update it with my progress. Very eager to get the ball rolling and start working with Genode. If all else fails I guess I'll 
download/install/learn to use Linux. But since all my software is haiku native, I'd have to constantly reboot from one OS to the other, hurting 
productivity. It's probably worthwhile for me to invest time in building Genode and run 'scenarios' (qemu) directly from within Haiku.



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