How to pass command-line arguments to Genode application?

Wouter van Oijen wouter.van.oijen at
Mon Dec 3 14:40:59 CET 2018

Hi Martin,

> I assume you can do this using the <arg> tag provided by Genodes posix
> environment. An example would be the run script
> repos/ports/run/
> <start name="lighttpd" caps="200">
>   <resource name="RAM" quantum="1G" />
>   <config>
>     <arg value="lighttpd" />
>     <arg value="-f" />
>     <arg value="/etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf" />
>     <arg value="-D" />
> ...

You're right. And apparently the first argument must be the executable
name itself (which was not the case in some other examples), that's
why it didn't work for me. It works now. Thanks!

Kind regards,
Wouter van Oijen

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