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Tue Sep 26 10:34:24 CEST 2017

Hi Chris,

I would stay debugging the DHCP problem instead of switching
to static IPs. I assume that there is no problem with the bridge or
the VMs. Maybe you can send the NIC dump output so we can see
more clearly what is going on. If you use my branch merge_to_staging [1],
you can also configure the output by adding something like:

log_cfg.dhcp = Packet_log_config::COMPREHENSIVE; /* print all header information */
log_cfg.udp  = Packet_log_config::COMPACT;       /* print most important information only */
log_cfg.ipv4 = Packet_log_config::SHORT;         /* print protocol name only */
log_cfg.eth  = Packet_log_config::NONE;          /* print nothing for this protocol */

after this line in Interface::_handle_eth [2]:

Packet_log_config log_cfg;



Am 24.09.2017 um 19:16 schrieb Chris Rothrock:
> I have been able to make a working environment with Genode/NOVA/VirtualBox a single VM running TinyCore with networking enabled and can communicate across the network.  So far, only on VirtualBox 4, 5 still has issues that I am still trying to work out that I will get into at a later time but my goal is multiple VMs with networking.  
> With VirtualBox 4, I have successfully made two VM environments and both VMs see eth0, I can assign an IP address to each but neither VM can communicate outside their own VM.  Unlike with the single VM, I was unsuccessful to get an IP via DHCP (hence why I used a static IP), they could not ping the other VM, they could not ping anything on the network to which they were attached.  Is there a setting in the test.vbox file different than for a single VM mode that I need to make to make the bridge work for this?
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