Porting third-party code to Genode

Jörg-Christian Böhme joerg at ...518...
Mon Sep 11 17:08:19 CEST 2017

My setup/environment:
- Source:
  Branch: master
  commit 0adbd1ce2428dadffc61664d93ec394d5b0e6722
  Date:   Wed Aug 30 12:42:42 2017 +0200   
- Target-genode-System:      nova x86_64
- Host-System:      genode-x86-gcc (GCC) 6.3.0
  Ubuntu 17.04      QEMU emulator version 2.8.0(Debian 


I read the documentation about Native Genode port of a library from the
gnode website[1]. It looks very easy to "create a port" of a library for
genode. I started to port a library and I have realized what is meant 
by Chapter "Creating the build Makefile".
This Chapter says, that I should create a build (Makefile) for
the third party source code ? 

I was expected that the port mechanism from genode will execute the 
configure script (Cross compiling) of the third party just as the 
"source based" Linux/UNIX (FreeBSD/Arch Linux) systems does.

I investigate for example how libssh is ported and I see that in
genode/repos/libports/lib/mk/libssh.mk every source file are added.
For such a small lib it is easy but for a bigger lib like Qt5, I see there
are helper scripts to generate the port mk for genode ?

I didn't use "Makefiles" in my projects. I'm a cmake user :-).
So my knowledge about Makefiles are very poor. Maybe I missed something.

My question: 
It is not possible to execute the "third party build system" to 
cross compile it for genode?

My port idea/work:
I didn't see any information about boost on the 
"Future Challenges of the Genode project"[2] or 
"Genode Porting Wishlist"[3] site, so I try to port boost to genode. 
Maybe somebody is also working on this?


[1] http://genode.org/documentation/developer-resources/porting_libraries
[2] https://genode.org/about/challenges
[3] http://usr.sysret.de/jws/genode/porting_wishlist.html

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