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Fri Sep 1 15:39:04 CEST 2017

Hi everybody,

I would like to quote part of the official doc from [1]:

*As illustrated in the figure, from an organizational point of view, a
virtual machine is implemented as a leaf node in Genode's process tree.
Genode not only facilitates the use of virtual machines for application
compatibility but also the re-use of existing device drivers. The baby Tux
in the figure symbolizes an original Linux device driver being executed in
a device-driver environment.*


How to understand the 're-use' ?  Does it mean that an original(unmodified)
Linux device driver could be placed into a 'device-driver environment' and
also function correctly in Genode, or does it mean an original Linux device
driver could be taken out from the Linux virtual machine (the big Tux) and
executed as a leaf node in Genode, consequently serve Genode as well as the
big Tux at the same time?

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