binary naming

Johannes Kliemann Johannes.Kliemann at ...250...
Tue Oct 24 11:27:12 CEST 2017


while booting Genode directly on Linux I encountered the problem that
Linux requires to call `/init` in the initramfs. Unfortunately Genode
requires to call `core` which loads `init` so renaming core to init
isn't enough.

I renamed init to init2 core to init and called it with "label=init2"
which works at first (core finds all ROM sessions) but then segfaults
with "init2[45]: segfault at 7f11c473b128 ip 00007f11c4645f40 sp
00007ffc1c8c15f8 error 4 in[7f11c45c5000+95000]" and the
warning "Warning: blocking canceled in entrypoint constructor".

This warning was addressed on Linux before in [0] and fixed in
ad2859b6b9dae96c48329eebc0a73527ba4deb9b. I have already included this

To boot Genode on Linux with this behaviour, checkout [1] and change
"KERNEL_RUN_OPT(linux) := --include power_on/linux --include log/linux"
in your etc/build.conf (with linux as kernel ofc).

Beside renaming I also tried to make the ROM session chdir into a sub
directory or to prepend this directory to the binary name. Neither of
made Genode correctly find the binaries. I have to say that Linux is not
booting into a real fs but is using a initramfs which consists of a cpio

What would be the way to go to either rename the binaries to a Linux
compatible scheme or to change the library search to find its binaries
in a cpio archive (both options should be changeable at build time to
still use the current linux)?



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