Qt5: Signals and QApplications inside Threads

Boris Mulder boris.mulder at ...434...
Mon Oct 23 15:51:01 CEST 2017

Dear Genode folks,

I have built an application with Qt5. I want it to also be able to read
ROM modules from a report_rom server and to be able to handle updates to
that ROM using signals.

When I run QApplication::exec() however, it does not return and the
entrypoint cannot listen to signals, causing them to be ignored.

So I created another QThread and run my QApplication in there. Now I get
the following error:

    WARNING: QApplication was not created in the main() thread.

And the application does not do anything and does not react to events.

What can I do to be able to run both the qt event loop and the genode
event loop?




Met vriendelijke groet / kind regards,

Boris Mulder

Cyber Security Labs B.V. | Gooimeer 6-31 | 1411 DD Naarden | The Netherlands
+31 35 631 3253 (office)

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